Our Coaches

Ground Up Athletics

Organizer -

Led by Owner/Medical Director Ken Sly, Ground Up Athletics’s highly trained staff of pedorthic consultants create a retail experience that is unique due to its fusion of athletic fashion, medical, and fitness knowledge and products. Ground Up has an extensive selection that makes it perfect for USA FIT’s runners and walkers with a variety of brands and types of athletic shoes, high performance socks, and compression garments from top brands. Additionally, Ground Up offers a service that no other retail store in the Houston area boasts – medical grade custom molded arch supports which provide structural support, shock absorption, and decreased fatigue. Endorsed by a variety of respected athletes, like former Houston Rockets player Hakeem Olajuwon, USA FIT is proud to partner with Ground Up and can’t wait to bring their positive energy to the USA FIT Champions group.

Karen Faber

Head Coach - Marathon Group

Karen is an avid runner who will be will be running her 50th marathon for her 50th birthday this coming July 9th!   She has recently retired and feels like this new coaching opportunity was fate. She has recently attended a coaching class just to help her own running knowledge, but decided since this new opportunity was brought to her, she is ready to take on our Champions chapter. We are so thrilled to have her!