Our Coaches

Helen O’Connell

Assistant Coach - Marathon Group

Helen is originally from the Midwest (Illinois) but has been living and training in the Houston area since 2008.  She ran in high school – cross country and track, but took a break after graduating from running that would last for about 15 years to attend and graduate from college, get married, move to a different state, raise two kids, and hold a full-time job.  This left little to no time for training/running.  It wouldn’t be until 2012 that she would run her first Aramco Houston half marathon.  A year later she ran her first marathon, The Cowtown Marathon in Fort Worth, TX. Since than she has run numerous distances from 5k’s to marathons (6 to be exact) and has run the Aramco half or Chevron marathon every year since 2012.  Her goals for the upcoming year are to keep enjoying running, to stay healthy, and injury free.  She likes running because it’s fun and you get to meet other people who enjoy it like you do that you otherwise would not have gotten to meet plus it keeps you in shape.