Our Coaches

Mark Danheim

Assistant Coach - Marathon Group

Mark has been a casual runner for years, usually only running one 5k per year.  As his 5k times started to decline, he decided he needed some endurance training so he joined Champions Fit in 2017.  When he started he said he would not run a half or a full marathon, his only objective was to improve 5k times.  Well, the 5k time still hasn’t improved, but he’s run the Baylor Bearathon Half (billed as the toughest half in Texas due to extreme hills) and the Houston Marathon.  His favorite race is the Jameson 5k at Southwestern University, which also has some killer hills.  As the rest of the group will vouch for, running mantras/songs are random and usually occur at 8-10 miles when he’s zonked.  His main goal for this year is to run a better Houston Marathon in 2020.